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SMSSeries static shore power supply

Power range:300KW~2MW

      SMS series high-power variable-frequency power supply equipment for shore use is specially designed and manufactured for harsh use environments such as high temperature, high humidity, high corrosiveness and heavy load impact on ships and shore terminals. All PCB circuit boards are cured by coating; sinusoidal filters and output transformers are treated with integral vacuum impregnated insulating paint and sprayed high temperature protective paint, with high insulation level and protection level; fully compliant with the marine product certification of China Classification Society CCS standard. It is widely used in ships, shipbuilding and repair shops, ocean drilling platforms, shore terminals, etc. where it is necessary to change from 50HZ industrial power to 60HZ high-quality stable frequency regulated power supply to supply power to ship electrical equipment.

Technical Features

one. High reliability: The inverter power supply has a strong output overload capability.

    As we know, one of the important indicators to measure the reliability of a power supply is: it should have a strong ability to resist output overload. This means that even when a transient surge and overload output situation is formed due to the user's input of a large-load nonlinear load, the integrity of the power inverter can be guaranteed.

    Typical overload capacity for stationary shore power sources: 10 minutes at 125% rated load 1 minute at 150% rated load 30 seconds at 200% rated load

    When the user's overload and the duration of the overload do not exceed the above range, the power supply will always be in a normal power supply state.

two. It has strong resistance to "step" load and short-circuit output capability;

The worst working conditions that may be encountered in the operation of the power supply are that the user performs no-load «100% rated load input or cut-off operations at the power output end. The most serious situation: the output of the power supply is shorted. Due to the static shore power supply, it is equipped with a uniquely designed output current limiting circuit. Even if the user accidentally causes an output short-circuit fault, its inverter will not be damaged. The typical short-circuit output capability of the stationary shore power supply is:

In three-phase operation, the output current is limited to 160% of the nominal output current for 5 seconds.

In single-phase operation, the output current is limited to 290% of the nominal output current for 5 seconds.

three. Superior capability with three-phase unbalanced loads

    For the three-in/three-out type power supply, due to the self-adaptive phase balance adjustment circuit configured in the machine, when 100% unbalanced load is connected (one-phase no load, two-phase full load), the three-phase phase can also be ensured. The voltage difference is less than 2%, and the phase difference between the three-phase power supplies is within the range of 120°±1°. This indicator is significantly higher than similar products from other companies.

Four. High input power factor

    It is well known that the introduction of a large number of rectifier and filter loads into the mains grid will cause the grid to be "polluted", resulting in a large number of high-order harmonic currents flowing through the entire power supply system. For this reason, the overcurrent of the current flowing through the neutral line and the abnormal heating of the motor load will be caused. In order to solve the above problems: Ai Maison can provide users with the following solutions to eliminate harmonic "pollution", so as to ensure that the power supply quality of the user's power grid meets the "green power" standard:

In the static shore power supply, the optional input filter scheme is adopted to increase the input power factor from 0.8 of the general power supply to more than 0.92. Reduce the input harmonic current content by less than 10%. The input power factor of the power supply is increased to more than 0.92, which not only does not affect the power factor of the entire shipyard, but also can relatively improve the overall power factor of the factory, which indirectly saves the cost for the enterprise.


five. User-friendly structure design

   It adopts a flat in-line control board structure design that is easy for users to observe. In order to ensure the reliable connection between the plug-in boards, an anti-loosening mechanical "locking" device is arranged at the connector connection. Users only need to open the cabinet door to observe the working status of the "self-diagnosis" status monitor located on each power control board at a glance. As a result, users can quickly obtain nearly 70-90 fault alarm indications, which is beneficial to improve the maintainability of this power supply.


6. Remote start and stop control functions

If the user needs, a remote alarm device can be added to notify the operators located in the power distribution room in time.

7. Multiple communication functions

  Through the RS232 or RS485 communication interface, the user can use the computer or network terminal in the office to enter the man-machine dialogue menu operation state. Under this condition, with the help of the self-test and self-diagnosis control functions in the machine, the user can operate the power supply. Or the alarm status is displayed on the remote terminal computer network in real time. When an alarm situation is encountered, an alarm can be sent to the user in time. Through the intelligent "self-diagnosis" management system, it can provide users with more than 80 pieces of data operation parameter information and alarm information (voltage, current, frequency, neutral current, etc.). Provide users with fault analysis and statistical data, which can significantly reduce on-site maintenance time.

technical parameter

power factorcurrent harmonicsfrequencyFrequency tracking rateWith 100% unbalanced loadWith 3.1 crest factor load

SMS33- ** K - 460









Rated output power








output power factor


Input characteristics

Nominal input voltage

380, 400 or 415VAC, 3 phase + neutral

Mains voltage working range

+15%, -15%, adjustable to ±25%

 0.8 lag (standard type), 0.95 lag (when input filter is selected)



 It is 9% when the input filter is fully loaded, and 4.5% when the 12-pulse rectifier plus the input filter is fully loaded.

input current limit

125% maximum nominal input current

Output characteristics

The output voltage

440V/460V, 3-phase 3-wire system or 3-phase 4-wire system

overload capacity

Three-phase 125% rated load - 10 minutes 150% rated load - 1 minute Single-phase 200% rated load - 30 seconds

Inverter short-circuit current limiting capability

Three-phase 150%, 5 seconds, single-phase 290%, 5 seconds


Mains inter-step tracking range_


Stability of Internal Clock

±0.1% Internal clock amplitude 50Hz ±0.01Hz

System efficiency (full load)

>94%, 97%(ECOMODE) power saving mode

0.1Hz/ to 2Hz/sec adjustable

Voltage stability

 steady state



±4% (0~100% step load)

steady state response time

Within 20 ms, return to ±1 output voltage steady state value

phase shift

with balanced load


With 100% unbalanced load


Phase voltage symmetry

with balanced load



Total Harmonic Content (T.H.D.) (with 100% load)

Linear load

1% typical, 3% max


working environment

Operating temperature range

storage temperature


Continuous operating temperature

Up to 40°C, 8 hours

Relative humidity

0-90%, no condensation

maximum operating height

1000 meters (without derating)



Protection level

Including when the door is open, the structure also conforms to IP20, and the acid-proof, dust-proof and waterproof treatment is added.


Forced air cooling with internal fan

Standards compliant

 ISO9001 Design and production standards

Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility respectively comply with the international standards specifically certified for this power supply in 1995


Comply with the European standard EMC 89/336/EEC and the promulgated technical standardsCE Marked

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