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SMF-36Series intermediate frequency static variable power supply

Three-phase 36V/400Hz IF power supply

SMF/36 series 36V output intermediate frequency static variable power supply is a 36V/400Hz intermediate frequency static variable power supply specially designed and manufactured for aviation and military electronic and electrical equipment using high-frequency power electronic switching technology. It can be used in aircraft and airborne equipment, radar, Navigation and other military electronic equipment, and other occasions that require 36V/400Hz intermediate frequency power supply.

Technical Features

Meet the technical requirements of the national military standard GJB572-88 and MIL-STD-704 aviation power supply specifications.

■ Intelligent control, easy to realize computer communication: It adopts multi-CPU+CPLD control and is equipped with RS232 or RS485 communication serial port.

■ Simple and convenient operation: adopting the international general key operation mode, the panel is simple, and the operation parameters, operation records and fault information of the power supply can be checked through the friendly display interface; the internal memory automatically remembers the output conditions of the last startup; The shortcut operation keys can be personalized according to the user's usage habits.

■ Adopt German Siemens IGBT and Mitsubishi IGBT drive, stable quality, reduce power loss and interference.

■ Full numerical control interface, high stability, low drift, while meeting the requirements of high speed, it maintains extremely low distortion and ripple.

■ Small size, light weight and low noise: The use of pulse width modulation technology (SPWM) makes the volume smaller and the weight relatively light. Low noise, no need to set up another space for storage or sound insulation. .

■ Excellent load protection function: It has output protection for output overvoltage, undervoltage, phase error, phase loss and short circuit. The specific protection requirements can be designed according to customer requirements, which can ensure the safety of aircraft, equipment and operators.

■ Excellent self-protection function: adopt intelligent IGBT (IPM) output, with automatic overcurrent, overvoltage protection and independent temperature detection protection circuit. Especially the phase loss protection, wrong phase protection and short circuit protection of three-phase power input are well recognized by customers.

■ Excellent overload protection capability: continuous operation within 120%, 600 seconds off when 150%, 15 seconds off when 200%.

■ With isolation transformer: fully isolated output, long life and damage resistance.

■ Fast output response: For 100% loading/unloading, the output load voltage regulation rate can be stabilized at ±0.5% (linear load) within 2mS of the response time.

■ Good EMC design: According to the customer's environmental requirements, conduct good conduction and radiation interference treatment to ensure user satisfaction.

technical parameter





AC input

Phase number

Single-phase 2-wire + ground wire (left zero and right fire + protection ground)





power factor


Phase number

Three-phase three-wire + neutral wire (Y) + ground wire


Phase voltage 17.3V~57.7V

Line voltage 30V~100V

Line voltage unbalance


Phase current




Frequency Stability


Voltage stability rate


Waveform Distortion Degree THD

THD 2%(线性负载)

Crest factor


overload capacity

 120% 2分,120-150% 2分,150%5

Reaction time

2mS maximum


digital frequency meter

Resolution 0.1HZ

Digital voltmeter

Resolution 0.1V

digital ammeter

Resolution 0.1A

Phase offset

When the load is three-phase balanced or no-load: ≤±;

When 100% three-phase unbalanced: ≤±

protective device

output short circuit

Electronic circuit detection


Electronic circuit detection

over temperature

Electronic circuit detection


I/O filter

Overvoltage protection value

Line voltage 105V

cooling device

forced air cooling


Operating temperature


Relative humidity

0-90% (non-condensing state)



Dimensions (WxDxH)mm


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