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SDC270Series aviation military high voltage DC power supply

Specially designed and manufactured to power new generation fighter aircraft and airborne equipment

SDC270 series aviation high-voltage DC power supply is one of the new products developed and launched by our company. It is a high-voltage DC power supply specially designed and manufactured for the power supply of a new generation of fighter aircraft and airborne equipment; product specifications have more than 30, 48, 60, 72 kW The biggest feature is that the power supply adopts the international advanced wide-range ZVZCS soft-switching inverter technology modular design, which can be redundant and parallel output power supply to improve the reliability of power supply.

Technical Features

■ Comply with the technical requirements of the national military standard GJB572-2006 and MIL-STD-704 aviation power supply specification

■ Adopt the wide-range ZVZCS soft-switching inverter technology of international advanced level, with high efficiency and high reliability.

■ Using German Siemens IGBT and ultra-microcrystalline core as the core device, it is specially developed for aviation-military equipment

■ Full CNC interface, full software correction, high stability, low drift, extremely low ripple and noise.

■ Adopt military-grade MCU controller design to realize intelligent remote operation and monitoring

■ With digital display function of output voltage and output current; the voltage can be adjusted and the resolution is 0.1V

■ No need for remote feedback signal terminal, can automatically realize output lead voltage drop compensation (ALDC)

■ High operating frequency, high efficiency, high power density, high power factor and high reliability.

■ With short circuit protection, overload protection, overheat protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and independent temperature detection protection circuit

■ Emergency mushroom "off" switch, automatic aircraft safety disconnect device, high reliability and safety

■ Adopt advanced noise suppression technology to create a quiet and comfortable working environment

■ Humanized design, analog and digital integrated display panel, modular structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

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