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SMD±28Series Self-Propelled Artillery Training Power

Military special inverter power supply

Shandong sinship Energy Technology Co., Ltd. adopts the internationally advanced wide-range ZVZCS soft-switching inverter technology, with German Siemens IGBT and amorphous magnetic core as the core devices, and has successively developed "military vehicle power supply", "rocket launcher special power supply", "missile power supply" Dozens of military special inverter power supplies such as "car shelter control power supply" and "tank start-up power supply".

     The self-propelled artillery training power supply product adopts modular design, intelligent control, and can communicate remotely. It fully meets the requirements of the three-mode design of military equipment and the tactical performance requirements provided by the General Assembly Department. It has been widely used in my country's national defense and military fields.

Technical Features

◇ Comply with the requirements of Chinese national military standard GJB572-88 "Characteristics and general requirements of aircraft ground power supply"

  Comply with the requirements of China's national military standard GJB 181A-2003 "Aircraft Power Supply Characteristics"

  Meets the requirements of China's national military standard GJB 298-87 "Characteristics of 28V DC Electrical Systems for Military Vehicles"

  Meet the requirements of the civil aviation industry standard MH/T 6018-1999 "Ground Static Power"

◇ many specifications

   The output voltage is 28.5V, the output current is 50~2000A, and the output power is 60KW (single machine).

◇ Five new

   New electronic components, new electromagnetic materials, new transformation technology, new control theory, new functions

◇ Five high

   High frequency, high efficiency, high power density, high power factor, high reliability

◇ High precision, low ripple

The DC power supply adopts peak current control, which has fast response and high output voltage regulation accuracy. At the same time, the output is equipped with a multi-stage filter, EMI/EMC meets EN61000-6-3, EN61000-6-1, and the output ripple is low.

◇ High efficiency

With a wide range of soft switching technology, the power supply has high efficiency and low noise; the efficiency of the whole machine can reach 95% (@100% load).

◇ Small size and light weight

Due to the use of soft switching conversion technology, the internal radiator is greatly reduced, the overall volume is smaller than the hard switching regulated power supply, the reliability is higher, the weight is lighter, and the power density is high, which can meet the special needs of many military equipment.

◇ High reliability

 It has input phase loss protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and independent temperature detection protection circuit and is specially designed for high reliability of military power supply.

◇ Remote measurement

The remote measurement function can be used to compensate for the voltage drop between the output terminals and the load.

◇ OVP over voltage protection

The OVP overvoltage protection function is standard configuration, any value between 3V and 110% of the rated maximum voltage can be preset as the OVP protection value.

◇ Short circuit protection

Long-term short-circuits are allowed under certain circumstances.

◇ Overload protection

There is an overload protection circuit inside the power supply to prevent the power supply from being damaged due to overload.

◇ Overheating protection

When the power supply is overheated, it will automatically shut down without output, and the device will automatically resume output when the temperature is low.

◇ output display

Voltage and current are displayed by high-precision LED digital meter.

◇ Intelligent

It can be connected with a computer to form a computer-controlled intelligent power supply (optional).

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