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SAELSeries of energy-feeding electronic loads

SAELSeries single-phase/three-phase energy-feeding programmable electronic load

SAEL series single-phase/three-phase modular energy feedback programmable electronic load is a new energy feedback electronic load device with high cost performance independently developed by Xinchi.

Various power products: such as regulated power supply, UPS, fire emergency power supply, DC power supply, charger, generator, etc., all need to carry out load aging and test before leaving the factory. The traditional method is to use resistance to discharge energy consumption. On the one hand, it will consume a lot of electric energy, on the other hand, it will greatly increase the capacity of power transmission and distribution equipment, and the heat released will increase the burden on the air conditioner.

SAEL series energy feedback electronic load uses power electronic conversion technology to recycle and regenerate the output energy of the power supply under test under the premise of completing the test power experiment. The AC power of the power supply under test is sent to the DC bus through the controllable rectifier. The grid inverter, which feeds the electric energy back to the power grid with high efficiency and no pollution, not only saves electric energy but also does not generate a lot of heat, avoids the problem of elevated ambient temperature in the test site, and can greatly improve the working environment.

Technical Features

Wide adaptability - can be used for testing and aging of wide voltage AC power supply.

High performance - high-speed DSP control, using SPWM high-frequency inverter technology, has superior performance.

High reliability - Redundant design is adopted, and high-quality components are carefully manufactured, with stable performance and high reliability.

Perfect protection - It has perfect protection functions such as phase loss, undervoltage, reverse phase sequence, overload and overheating, and has strong anti-misuse ability.

Friendly interface - LCD displays information such as working and fault status, mains voltage, frequency, input, output current, output power, DC bus voltage, etc. It can also display the waveforms of power supply voltage, input and output current.

Simple operation - high degree of automation, simple operation and use.

Easy maintenance - The functional components in the machine adopt modular design, the structure is simple, and the maintenance is convenient.

Digital communication interface - RS485/RS232 digital communication interface, realize centralized monitoring and management of remote computer.

technical parameter



isolation method

Power frequency transformer isolation

Maximum AC input power


Single-phase AC input voltage


Three-phase AC input voltage


Way of working


Maximum single-phase input current


Output overload capability


Current harmonics THD

<5% (at rated power)

power factor

>0.99 (at rated power)

maximum efficiency


Rated output AC voltage


Rated output AC frequency


Allowable grid voltage range


Allowable grid frequency range



1min (adjustable)

Protective function

Short circuit, overheating, overload, etc.

Communication Interface


Operating temperature


Relative humidity



6000 meters (over 2000 meters need to be derated

cooling method

forced air cooling

Dimensions L×W×H


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