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SGPUSeries aircraft ground AC and DC power supply

Trailer-mounted aircraft ground static variable power supply

SGPU series aviation ground static variable power supply externally outputs three-phase AC intermediate frequency power supply with rated frequency of 400Hz and rated voltage of 115/200V and 28.5V DC power supply, which can be used as ground support power supply for various civil and military aircraft with AC power supply system. It can also be used as an experimental power supply for aircraft manufacturing plants, maintenance plants, flight test stations and research institutes. It can be widely used in hangars, apron, boarding bridges, electronic workshops, laboratories and other places with AC mains supply, with miniaturization, good waveform quality, small size, light weight, low noise, no pollution, operation Advantages of low cost.

Technical Features

■ Comply with the national military standard: GJB572A-2006 "Characteristics and general requirements of aircraft external power supply"

■ Comply with civil aviation industry standard: MH/T 6018-1999 "Ground Static Power Supply"

■ In line with national military standards: GJB 181A-2003 "Aircraft Power Supply Characteristics"

■ In line with national military standards: GJB 1910-1994 "General Specifications for Aircraft Ground Power Vehicles"

■ Full CNC interface, full software correction, high stability, low drift, extremely low ripple and noise.

■ Adopt multi-core sub-task design to realize intelligent remote operation and monitoring

■ No need for remote feedback signal terminal, can automatically realize output lead voltage drop compensation (ALDC)

■ High operating frequency, high efficiency, high power density, high power factor and high reliability.

■ With short circuit protection, overload protection, overheat protection, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and independent temperature detection protection circuit

■ Emergency mushroom "off" switch, automatic aircraft safety disconnect device, high reliability and safety

■ Adopt advanced noise suppression technology to create a quiet and comfortable working environment

■ Humanized design, analog and digital integrated display panel, modular structure, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

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