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SMF series medium frequency static variable power supply

Three-phase input three-phase output series

SMF series 400Hz intermediate frequency static variable power supply adopts digital frequency division, phase locking, waveform instantaneous value feedback, SPWM pulse width modulation, IGBT output and other new technologies and intelligent control, with complete functions and superior performance. Its main features are stable output voltage, small waveform distortion, strong load adaptability, fast and accurate testing, low harmonic distortion, high frequency and voltage stabilization rate stability, and can provide pure and reliable 400Hz sine wave power output.

Technical Features

1. Modular design - the volume is only 1/4 of the traditional motor intermediate frequency generator set, saving handling and installation costs;

2. Generate high-quality intermediate frequency AC output power - powerful direct digital synthesis (DDS) sine wave generation, pure sine wave output;

3. Excellent stability - the output load voltage regulation rate is less than or equal to ±1%, and the output frequency is less than or equal to 0.01% (the output frequency is generated by quartz oscillation, so it has a very stable and accurate frequency);

4. Fast response speed - for 100% loading/unloading, the output load can be stabilized within the range of ±1% within 2ms;

5. Multiple protection functions - with over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature, IGBT drive proprietary technology, output short-circuit guarantees to ensure no damage due to load short-circuit and alarm devices;

6. Strong overload capacity - allows 100% full load long-time delay use, the instantaneous current can withstand 3 times the rated current, and will not cause voltage drop, all kinds of loads can be used;

7. Good man-machine interface - digital display of voltage, frequency, current, power/PF measurement, the accuracy can reach 0.5 level, the source and meter are integrated, and the operation is simple.

8. Three-phase independent - can withstand three-phase unbalanced loads, and the output end has an isolation transformer, which can endure the back EMF at the load end.

technical parameter

technical parameter





circuit mode

IGBT/PWM pulse width modulation method

AC input


Three-phase four-wire system

Input voltage


input frequency


AC output

output method

Three-phase three-wire or three-phase four-wire (optional, specify when ordering)

output waveform

pure sine wave

The output voltage

Phase voltage: 0-300V Line voltage: 0-520V

Voltage accuracy


Output frequency


Frequency accuracy


Three-phase unbalance

Phase 120°±2°; Phase difference <3% of rated value

Dynamic Voltage Transients

2% (0~100% load variation)

Voltage distortion rate (degree of distortion)

THD<3% (non-linear load)

Display method

display window

High-precision LCD touch screen display

Voltage display

Accuracy 0.1V

Current display

Accuracy 0.1A

Frequency display

Accuracy 0.1Hz


system efficiency

Normal Mode: 90%

Insulation resistance

DC> 500V 20MΩ

Dielectric strength

(input and output to ground) 1800Vdc, leakage current is less than 3.5mA, no arcing in 1 minute

Protection class



Input and output terminals, terminal blocks

Cooling method

Transformer forced fan cooling

Operating temperature


Relative humidity

0-90% (no condensation)

Noise (dB)


protective device

There are perfect overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, overheating and other protection functions and alarm devices

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