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400HzInput Military DC Power

Specially developed for aviation-military equipment


SDC28 series aviation and military high-power regulated DC power supply adopts the international advanced wide-range ZVZCS soft-switching inverter technology, with German Siemens IGBT and amorphous magnetic core as the core components, and is specially developed for aviation-military equipment. The highly stable output voltage and current can be used in aircrafts and aircrafts all over the world; it can be used as a starting power supply for military equipment such as armored weapons; it can also be used as a simulation experiment for the input power supply of aviation equipment. Because it adopts the current international advanced soft-switching technology and mature and reliable control circuit, SDC28 has high precision, high stability and high reliability in the technical accumulation and continuous innovation of Xinchi company's military power supply research and development for many years. Its excellent electronic characteristics have written brilliantly again and again in the application of aviation and military fields.

    SMDC1500T-26/50-5/2-12/3 is a 26V DC switching power supply specially designed and manufactured for a certain type of military equipment on the basis of SDC28 series products. This series of products conform to the national military standard "GJB181-Aircraft Power Supply Characteristics and Requirements for Electrical Equipment", "GJB572-Aircraft Ground Power Supply Characteristics and General Requirements".

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