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SPDSeries program-controlled DC power supply 20U chassis in parallel

Programmable DC Power Supply 20U Chassis

SPD series program-controlled DC voltage stabilized power supply is a power supply product integrating international advanced technology and advanced control level. The power supply system adopts the international advanced soft switching inverter technology, and is developed with the latest IGBT power devices and amorphous magnetic cores as the core devices. The display accuracy of the output voltage and output current of the power supply is high, and the power supply can detect and display its own operation mode. User-friendly.

     The power supply has excellent electrical characteristics such as high accuracy, high stability and high reliability, and is suitable for scientific research units, laboratories and other occasions. The power supply is adjustable and can be used as a fixed power supply for product testing and is suitable for production lines. The power supply has perfect protection function and remote control function, which is simple and convenient for users to use. SPD series programmable DC voltage stabilized power supply is equipped with remote control interface, both desktop and rack type. At the same time, SDC MONITOR monitoring software can be provided according to customer needs, which is convenient to use.

Technical Features

◇ Voltage stabilization and current flow

Digital keyboard operation, voltage and current can be adjusted from zero to rated value, output voltage and current value are preset. This product can work in constant voltage (CV) mode or constant current (CC) mode, the working mode is automatically switched, and the status of the working mode is indicated by LED. When the CV-LED is on, the power supply works in constant voltage mode, and when the CC-LED is on, the power supply works in constant current mode.

◇ High precision, low ripple

The DC power supply adopts peak current control, has good load and power regulation rate, and has high output voltage and current accuracy. The output is equipped with a multi-stage filter, and the output ripple is low.

◇High efficiency

The soft-switching technology with the international advanced level makes the power supply high efficiency, low noise and high reliability; the efficiency of the whole machine is higher than 95%.

◇ Complete protection function

There is an overload protection circuit inside the power supply to ensure the normal operation of the power supply equipment and the safety of the load.

◇ output display

Voltage and current are displayed by high-precision LED digital meter.

◇Digital control

Full digital control, voltage and current can be realized through digital programming; all calibrations are digital calibration, stable and reliable.

◇Remote control function

The power supply is equipped with an RS485 interface, which can communicate with the computer through the MODBUS protocol. Support multi-machine communication, reliable verification, each 485 interface supports up to 255 power supplies to monitor at the same time.

The computer can remotely monitor all parameters and states of the power supply.

The upper computer can realize remote parameter setting and control functions according to the authorization.

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