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    Driven by the rapid development of the global power electronics industry, sinchip Power has spread all over the world as power electronics products are exported overseas. Shandong sinchip  Energy Technology Co., Ltd. welcomed a group of important guests—Iran Crous Company visited the company, appreciated the leading integrated solutions and service capabilities of frequency conversion power supply and DC power supply of sinchip  Energy, and affirmed the excellent supply of sinchip Energy business status, the two parties have reached a long-term cooperative relationship.    In today's unstoppable globalization, more and more companies are starting to go abroad. As a forward-looking mature company, sinchip's unique understanding and understanding of the market and customers is an important guarantee for it to maintain its leading position in the industry. From the beginning of the year to the present, many Pakistani companies have customized batches of DC power products from Shandong sinchip Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and the products are running stably on site. Power plants in India, Thailand and the Philippines have purchased hundreds of emergency lighting boxes from Shandong sinchip Energy Technology Co., Ltd., and the products operate reliably on site.     “Focus on customer needs, actively research and develop innovation, optimize supply chain resources, work hard on product quality, provide customers with effective services, help customers achieve growth value, and then achieve customers, in order to win customer respect, and the company will have a sustainable future. "sinchip Power Manager Zhang said.

      Quality is the life of an enterprise, and reliable quality is the key. The reliability of DC power supply, AC variable frequency power supply, and emergency lighting box depends to a large extent on the power supply drive module, and the technical complexity of which is much higher than that of the power supply itself. sinchipWith more than ten years of experience in power supply development, Energy focuses on the key technologies of high-end market power supply such as DC power supply, AC variable frequency power supply, UPS, EPS, aviation and military power supply, and devotes itself to creating high-quality and high-reliability products for international and domestic customers, in the field of 50W to 300kW power , has key technologies such as intelligent programming, constant power, remote control, anti-thunder and anti-surge, and promises a three-year warranty. It is one of the few domestic leading companies that master the core technology of full digital power supply and provide complete sets of power products and system integrated solutions. . sinchipThe reason why energy can leverage overseas markets such as Germany, Norway, and Iran is that its high-quality products are a key factor in ensuring services. The quality control system of sinchip Energy products is quite strict in quality control. Orders are subject to four strict procedures from order receiving review, R&D design, trial production verification, and mass production. From production to finished product storage, there are more than 50 processes in total, and more than a dozen online testing methods throughout the whole process, many of which have introduced more than 10 sets of high-end power supply online automatic testing equipment, which are closely linked and the testing data can be traced. These process control are much more complicated than imagined, and it is difficult for ordinary enterprises to do without more than ten years of experience in power supply understanding and production control.      

  sinchip Since 2015, Energy has set sail in overseas markets and slowly opened the curtain of global layout. As a new star in the industry, it will lead the outdoor drive to the world!

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